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The World is Waiting to Read the Book You’ve Got Inside You.

81% of people dream of writing a book someday, but most don’t know
how to get the ball rolling and actually bring a book to life.

I work with high-level professionals to help them get their vision on paper.

Whether you want to write a business leadership guide, an autobiography, a book about your company, or your memoirs, Jason can help you achieve what so many can only dream of accomplishing.


Public Speakers



High-impact Influencers


Public Figures


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Tell Your Story the Way Only YOU Can Tell it!

I’ll help you bring all the pieces together – purpose, vision, outcome. It’ll be your story, in your voice, with your personality and perspective.


Excellence Books

Cement your legacy by describing your journey.


Memoir or Autobiographical

Capture the essence of your life’s work and experiences in a volume.


Inspirational Books

Improve the lives of others by teaching them your unique mindset.



Provide your audience with the tools they need to live their best lives.


Motivational Books

Deliver your best advice in a way that makes people want to move forward.

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Writing a book to demonstrate industry authority, generate more business, increase your brand, build your reputation, or just want to tell your story?

We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise, why else be here?

- Steve Jobs

Get Your Book Across the Finish Line!

Your ideas – your story – is worth the time and effort it takes to get a completed manuscript that is edited, copy-edited, and ready to be presented to literary agents or to hit the shelves of Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and your personal website/social media platforms. It can be sold as a paperback, hardcover, audiobook & e-book.

Share Your Story and Your Wisdom with Your Target Audience.

Some of the best movies ever produced were based on real-life stories just like yours. While I’m not promising that your book will be turned into a movie where you’ll be played by Julia Roberts or Denzel Washington, you just never know… 😊

The most important part of writing a book is that you can share your experiences with a wide range of people – from family and friends that you already know to business prospects and total strangers half a world away.

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You Talk – I Write

After mapping out the outline and chapters of the book, you and I will have weekly conversations, consecutively tackling the content of each chapter each week. It’s fun and easy – for you. All you have to do is talk. I’ll take what you tell me and add in any necessary interviews from others or research for the chapter draft. Once the initial chapter draft is complete, I’ll send it back to you for comments and edit notes. We will build the book together week by week, taking small, manageable steps toward your finished book.

Who Chooses to Work with a Ghostwriter?

More people than you can imagine! Not every business leader, politician, and celebrity out there is a great writer. On the contrary, they work with me and other top writers to hone their message and write their manuscripts for them. And not just high-octane celebrities either… Every day people with a story to tell, wisdom to share, and motivation to give partner with me to get it all on paper and out to bookshelves across the world.

I’d be delighted to chat with you about your vision for your book. Grab an appointment for a no-obligation talk.